Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rosemary Leach

I'm very happy to show you some of Rosemary Leach's wonderful paintings tonight. Rosemary is based in Almonte, Ontario -- just outside of Ottawa -- and her colourful art is perfect for this rather cold, November evening. Her paintings are bold and happy, and a celebration of everyday objects and life. Enjoy and you can see more by visiting http://www.rosemaryleach.com/ or by visiting the Lux Gallery in Carleton Place, where a selection of Rosemary's paintings are on display. BTW, I completely love the second image. I could just be in that kitchen or balcony when I look at it!

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Things That Inspire said...

What beautiful art! I love this style...where the background is painted black, and the painting is done on top of it...it really unifies a painting and makes the colors pop.