Thursday, November 15, 2007

Northern Art Glass

I live in an older home -- built in the mid-1960s -- when beautiful front doors and large front porches were'nt as common as they are now. Consequently, we're stuck at the moment with a very dark, front entranceway, and a huge slab of a front door with no window in it. Ughh! But not for long--hopefully! There is a solution to leaving the front door open all the time to let in light through the screen door - even when it's sub-zero outside - and, it's stained glass.

I love stained glass -- it's colours, patterns, and the way it makes colour dance around in the sunlight. So, a stained glass front door - for me - is the perfect solution. And, with skilled artisans in the city, such as those found at Northern Art Glass, it really is possible to come up with a beautiful, unique solution.

Here are a few examples of lovely custom front doors produced by Northern Art Glass Enjoy and I'll keep you posted on my project!


melissa @ the inspired room said...

I love stained glass too, and leaded glass. I'd love a house with fancy windows like that!

barney said...

Hi there. Nice blog. Stained glass can brighten up a room. The colors and the reflections from the Art Glass add beauty and a touch of art to the rooms. The images are wonderful. The doors are lovely. Thanks for the link to Northern Art Glass. It's a great site.

Crafters Network said...

Hello Jennifer:
Love those pictures, I love stained glass also. I am amazed at the patterns they would all add light to a dark entrance way. good luck with your project.
Northern Art Glass Staff are wonderful.