Sunday, November 4, 2007

Funky Lighting

I absolutely love lighting! Nothing say funky like a unique lamp. And, if a room needs a little drama or pizzaz, injecting that perfect fixture does wonders. Suddenly, a ho-hum room becomes a show stopper! Here are a few favourites I found during a recent visit to Architectural Antiques, 356 Richmond Road, in Westboro -- home to antique and reproduction fixtures. I love them all, but my favourite is definitely the flower chandelier made of glass. Sooo beautiful when it's lit up -- this photo doesn't do it justice. And, just so you know, the first fixture is made of glass crystals, and the last two are made of shells.


Me, Myself, & I said... the first picture.

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Things That Inspire said...

When we went trick or treating this year, one of the houses had the most magnificent round sparkling chandlier. I tried to linger at the door when the kids were getting their candy, but I was not bold enough to ask if I could examine the chandelier close up. Oh well!

Love your examples.

Brilliant Asylum said...

I would put a funky hanging fixture in every room, if I could get away with it. Cool finds.

katiedid said...

I Jennifer! Thanks for visiting my blog! I had to comment here cuz I have bought the lotus fixture you have pictured here for my Powder Room and cannot wait to put it up! Love it!