Sunday, December 2, 2007

Holiday greenery

We're hosting a Christmas open house in a couple of weeks, and I'm starting to think about decorating our house for the big day. Here are a few creative ideas I picked up from Virginia Vince at Ottawa's Bloomfield's Flowers.

Bring in lots of greenery, berries and flowers, she suggests. Nothing makes a home feel more festive than fresh floral arrangements and scented pine and cedar boughs on a cold, crisp night. Or, for a beautiful centerpiece, fill a bowl with green pears, ornaments, and sprigs of pine and cedar. Or, take a clear glass vase, and pack it with holly and distilled water – magnifying the berries and making the colours clear and vibrant through the glass.

And, here's a neat idea. Apparently, loaf pans also come in handy when making centerpieces! Fill one up with water, sprigs of holly with red berries, and put it in the freezer. Once the pan is set, remove the ice block and place it on a tray covered with greenery and pine cones. A couple of candles placed close – but not too close to the ice - will add some sparkle.

There, this all sounds pretty easy. I think I'm all set -- or closer to it, anyways! If you have ideas to share, please send them my way!

Photo by Erik98122, on Flickr


Ms. Porter said...

I got a really neat tool from Linens n Things for $12.99 that carves a perfect hole for tea lights into fruit and veggies. They are perfect to carve apples or pears (and you can always spray paint the fruit with metallic paint first). Speaking of spray paint, I love to spray twigs and pine cones to add a little extra sparkle.

Jennifer said...

Hi ms. porter. Thanks for dropping by and leaving these terrific ideas! They sound so easy, and I know they will look beautiful. BTW,, I love your site, and will be back. Have a great day!