Monday, September 24, 2007

Picture hanging 101

I often get asked where pictures should be hung. Here are a few tips to help if you're feeling stuck:

  • Rule #1: Never just start hanging pictures or photos up. If you're hanging one above a table, make sure you really like it there by leaning it against the wall for a while. Similarly, if you're thinking of hanging a grouping of pictures, trace the frames on newsprint, cut them out, and stick them on the wall so you're sure of the layout -- BEFORE you put nails in the wall! Then, you can measure down from the top of the newsprint to where you want the hook, and poke a hole through the paper to mark the spot on the wall.
  • Rule #2: Don't mount pictures too high! So often, this is what seems to happen. Frames should be centred about 6"-8" over a sofa or chair, and 8"-10" above a table.
  • Rule #3: Don't hang something too small above a sofa or any other large item! Proportion is really important. For example, if you're hanging above a sofa or buffet, hang one large piece or two or three smaller pieces arranged horizontally. The same rules apply for mantles: either hang one large frame or two smaller frames side-by-side.
  • And finally, Rule #4, don't feel all your walls need something on them. It's possible they don't, and besides, you want to have something you really love on your walls. Don't feel rushed into hanging just anything!

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