Friday, September 28, 2007

It's table setting time (well, almost!)

I have to say, setting a unique table is not one of my specialties -- probably because I ALWAYS seem to run out of time, and my good intentions get bounced by having to deal with a diaper here and a minor calamity there ... So, knowing that Thanksgiving's next weekend (yes, next weekend!), and a few of us will be starting to wonder about setting a beautiful table AND getting the turkey ready on time (yes, we will!), I went and saw Virigina Vince today at Bloomfields Flowers in the Glebe for some simple, table setting suggestions. (BTW, I'd love to hear your table setting suggestions, and send photos, too!)

"Try a long, clear glass vase for a contemporary setting ," she suggested. "Fill it with a thick layer of green moss, and then put some apples on top of the moss, or some little white gourds. Arrange some tealights in there too, and if you're feeling adventurous, you can always add in some little succulents." (Sounds lovely, I thought, and not too time consuming!)

"Or", she suggested ,"for a more traditional look, you can lay a centrepiece of gourds and corn down the middle of the table. Try nesting three small arrangements of flowers among the gourds and corn (oranges, yellows and reds are nice), and adding in some little terracotta pots, tealights, and succulents, for a full effect." (OK, that's manageable, too, I thought. I'll have to get the corn and gourds, but that's doable -- just requires a bit of organization.)

So, now I'm prepared, and I hope you're inspired! And, for those who have'nt been before, Bloomfields Flowers is at 101 Fourth Avenue in the Glebe, Ottawa. It's a heaven of a place, full of flowers, the most beautiful, unique arrangements, and lovely hand lotions and accessories. If inspiration hasn't hit before you go, I'm sure you'll be feeling the total opposite when you leave! Enjoy, and good luck with your table setting! Don't forget to send me your ideas and photos for posting!

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