Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Great Ottawa Senators Decorating Adventure: Part 2

Hi everyone. The Ottawa Senators are in a bit of trouble right now, but our room transformation is coming along fabulously! Here are some images of what's been done so far thanks to my extremely talented painting husband. The walls are finished now, and we are just about ready to add on a chair rail, which was very precisely measured, cut, and painted black. Again, thanks to talented husband.

BTW, we used a new Benjamin Moore paint line called "Aura". While it's quite expensive, it goes on easily with great coverage, and is environmentally friendly, too. Normally, red requires many coats to get the right intensity, especially if the paint is not high quality. But, using a tinted primer as our first coat, we only needed one coat of the red because the quality of "Aura" is so high.

I hope you all have a fabulous week! I'll be posting on tile patterns later this week, so check back when you can. And, I'll have Part 3 of our decorating adventure up soon, too. Bye for now.


Tara said...

It is looking good here!

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Tara!

Neutral Dwelling said...

Wow- looking terrific!

Jennifer said...

Thanks ND. It's definitely coming along well!