Friday, March 7, 2008

Unique hotels: Part 3

Cranes are huge machines that lift things, right? They're big and industrial, best suited to constuction sites and loading docks. But, imagine a crane where you actually spend the night, high above the water, looking over a harbour, and a fabulous lighthouse! Well, that's exactly what's possible at the Harlingen Harbour Crane in Harlingen, the Netherlands.

In it's previous life, the Harlingen Harbour Crane was used to unload timber freight from Russia and Scandinavia. Today, there's room for you and one other, to spend the night in the crane's beautifully appointed main room and cabin - complete with lovely bed, Eames Chairs, mini bar, a large roof patio, and huge panoramic views through wall and ceiling windows. And, guess what! You can even operate the crane! Here are some photos of the Harlingen Harbour Crane and you can click here for more information on the Crane and other very unique Harlingen accommodation. Here's to a fabulous weekend, and I'll see you on Monday with some ideas for your walls!


Tara said...

What a great place to go--my husband's family is Dutch and we are always saying we'll get i know what to see, too!

Neutral Dwelling said...

How cool is that?!

Jennifer said...

Tara and ND: If I keep on finding all these cool places, I might just have to go on holiday!!

felicity said...

Now this is one very cool hotel - very very very cool!

Jennifer said...

Yep, I'm definitely considering this one ... after I visit the tree hotel in Brazil! I need heat -- we just had 50cm of snow this past weekend.